ArtGirlTV Take Over – Latina Artists


For the next week, starting tomorrow Saturday 19th, 2016, I will take over the snapchat channel ArtGirlTV to showcase different Latina Artists based in the US.

ArtGirlTV is a new Snapchat channel documenting the perspectives/experiences of female-identifying persons on and within the contemporary art world as art objects themselves, as art makers, and as art connoisseurs.

​The mission of this channel is to offer a platform that is celebratory of the female artist/art viewer, to bring the liveness of the art experience to a global audience, and to offer a way for women to investigate the interplay between seeing/being art objects and having/presenting their bodies and/or thoughts digitally.

​My mission is to offer Latina artists based in the US a platform to showcase their art and defeat exotiscist and other negative stereotypes. It will be an opportunity to claim space in the US art community that has long ignored and undermined Latin american talents.

​Each day a different artist will log into the account to present their work, practice or anything else they might find relevant.​

​Artists include:

Saturday: Andrea Arrubla @goodbrainbadbrain

Sunday: Alexandra Velasco @dreamsincarnate

Monday: Nicole Mouriño @nicolemourino

Tuesday: Jennifer Tamayo

Wednesday: Alix Camacho @alix.camacho

Thursday: Constanza Alarcon Tennen @alarcon_tennen

Friday: Sarah Zapata

Saturday: Elisa Garcia de la Huerta @ambrosialtwat