Youth Records



October 13, 2015    



October 27, 2015

7 – 10 p.m.

Curated by Adriana Pauly and Christopher Michael

4 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221


3R is pleased to present YOUTH RECORDS, a night of three video-installations curated by Adriana Pauly and Christopher Michael. The event will be held on Tuesday the 27th of October from 7 – 10pm.


The artists, including Andres Burgos, Christopher Michael and Francesca Beltran, will each take over a room to screen their videos, creating a unique experience within every space. The three works come together as a portrait of today’s youth by giving a multi-faceted perspective. Each individual work investigates the bipolar nature of this generation, confronting constant over sharing with desolation and isolation.


Shared on sites like Vimeo and tumblr the work is democratic in nature yet its subject matter is personal and deciphered only when aligned with the artist’s own life. The traditional pen and paper diary is transformed into an immersive and sensory experience, the physical separation of each work allowing the viewer to fully enter each individual mind and story.


YOUTH RECORDS is a one-night glimpse at the convoluted interior passages of today’s creative talents and stands as an interrogation of today’s youth through the lens of melancholia, claustrophobia and desolation.


Participating Artists:


ANDRES BURGOS is a photographer and video artist born in Queens, New York. While his photography centers on stylized portraiture, his video work is composed of individual, short, chaotic visual diaries. The videos are reminiscent of drug infused nights, chopped into different sequences without a definite timeline.


FRANCESCA BELTRAN is a photographer, video producer and director, and writer from Mexico. Her photographs and videos capture the creeping melancholia of today’s youth through the lens of obsolete mediums such as her 8mm camera. By traveling across the country she finds subjects for her ongoing investigation of desolation and the passing of time.


CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL is a New York based video and sound artist. His practice revolves around creating a sense of claustrophobic solitude that catapults the viewer into a state of anxiety and displaces him out of his reality. The visuals, either recorded by the artist himself or taken from old VHS tapes, are haunting and reminiscent of suspenseful films.


ADRIANA PAULY is a German curator and art writer based in New York. In her curatorial as well as her writing projects she esteems to promote art made by female artists. She is part of the curatorial team at the Department of Signs and Symbols in Brooklyn as well as a freelance writer for Autre Magazine and Missy Magazine in Germany.


About Apt 3R

3R is a pop-up exhibition in a non-conventional immersive space where visual display and resident-practice are merged for display. The creation of space came from individual insertion rather than formal submit & admittance.

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